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An engagement session is a really great way to meet your photographer, build a gallery of images that reflects this incredibly meaningful time in your life, and give you a little art for your wedding website, save the dates, and any media or screen spaces in your wedding reception (the Arlington Estate has gorgeous screens […]

I received a message totally out of the blue from a guy named Alex. He said he was flying in from Texas to propose to his girlfriend and really would love for one of us to capture it on camera. I laughed to myself. Flying in from Texas to propose? What could go wrong? Alex […]

Alessandra and Michael have a vibe that is classic and old school – one of those cool-as-a-cucumber teams who make you know that all is well as long as they’re together. He makes her giggle, she makes him smile, a little Holiday Inn, a little White Christmas at this time of year. We really wanted […]

Alessandra and Michael had a little White Christmas wedding, complete with a cozy faux fur, glamorous Rolls Royce, and a custom-fit tuxedo. Their style was on point for meeting classic Christmas elegance with a beautiful wedding, and their day reflected a nod to auld lang syne. My favourite part of the day, though, was our […]

When Natalia and John Louis shared their wedding plans with us at a cozy Oakville coffee shop months ago, it was clear that these two were sparing no details for their special day. It was going to be a stunning, life-filled party for their family and friends to really celebrate such a special relationship between […]

Natalia had a vision for her wedding photography: moody, emotive, reflective, peaceful. Artistic, without losing the touch of, you know, wedding photography. We landed on Alan Gardens Conservatory in Toronto to capture a lively, joyful, contemplative look – and finished at Cherry Beach where the long grasses and breezy chill from the lake gave us […]

Stephanie and Scott’s wedding day was a picture of all things warm and glowy: the October sun setting low and early, the air with a touch of chill. A great time to bring out the candles and hanging lights and prepare for a time of hibernating the winter away. These two chose The Drake 150 […]


We met Aliya at the WedLuxe show this past January and we all knew we’d be a good fit from the start: she told us all about her love story with Ajeet and it sounded like these two were pure fun… and we like to think we’re fun. Our kids think we’re fun. They’re pretty […]

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