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About a month ago, we were in the middle of a couples’ session with one of our beautiful Brides and Grooms, and they told us that they were really happy they’d chosen to work with John and I for their wedding photography. They told us about how confident they felt in their decision, and that […]

I was on my way to a workshop on Sunday & got a little lost when I popped into this boutique jewelry shop to get directions. The friendly owner pointed me on my way and it took me about 12 steps in the wrong direction to realize what I saw in that shop was so […]

Hey! We’re John & Sam Butler. Married since 2009 & Mama/Daddy team of 3 little girls, we spend our time taking photos, making coffee & playing dress-up. We sure love a good wedding because we believe marriage is a beautiful thing. We know you’ll be showing off these memories for decades & we’d love to be part […]

John and I have put seven years into our business, almost seven years into our marriage, and four years of bringing a little peanut (or three) into bed with us at 6:30 every morning. As we’ve come to a point of growing our family and our work we’ve delved into the heart of community, of […]

John and I got married when I was 19 and he was 20 (still children, essentially) and our world lay ahead of us. It was 2009 and North America had just crashed and burned into a terrible recession, making it a wonderful time for two poor, naive and eager practically-teenagers to start a business. I […]

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