How to Have a Chill and Fun Wedding Day. Chill, and Fun.

December 31, 2019

The day of your wedding can really go in one of two directions: there’s frazzled and chaotic or smooth and breezy and unfortunately, those are kind of the two main options. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure out how things might get a little frazzled or chaotic – big feels, slight holes in planning, and a glitch or two can turn things sideways on a special day. Nobody is immune.

So, what we’re sharing are a few of the best strategies we’ve seen for keeping the wedding day feeling breezy, fun and light… no matter what is happening around you. Frazzled can happen on the world around but chill and fun is about your experience.

Bride in pink summery wedding dress holding flowers at her side walking and holding hands with the Groom, who is carrying his blue jacket over his arm and laughing

Anything Can Happen

As you can imagine, keeping yourself calm and centred means that you can face any of the tricks and glitches a wedding day might throw your way. Think of a ridiculous, hilarious, unbelievable wedding scenario and… we’ve seen it. Here’s a few to get your imagination going – these are all real:

  • Bridesmaid gets locked in bathroom ten minutes before ceremony. It’s 30 degrees C.
  • Bride’s dress gets ripped, not inconspicuously. Visibly.
  • Hair and Makeup isn’t what was planned or hoped for.
  • Key family members are stuck in traffic, running late.
  • The entire Gardiner Expy is shut down. (This one is annual.)
  • Bridesmaid goes into labour.
  • Wedding officiant types down the wrong time of the ceremony, then a traffic accident jams the highway. THEN THE GPS GIVES THE WRONG DIRECTIONS. This is true.
  • Entire glass table in the reception… breaks. Just breaks. The florist has to literally start from scratch with the reception decor.
  • Wind blows over massive vases containing florals at the front of the ceremony, smashing everywhere, as guests are seated.
Bride in a tuxedo and bowtie sits on the ground beside a bride in a white wedding dress laughing

Everyday life is filled with interruptions.

So, what do we do in those scenarios? They happen. I’m just pulling memories from the last few years off the top of my head but get me digging or chatting with some local vendors over a glass of wine and we’d recall a heck of a lot more. That’s just the industry. No, that’s life. Every day, things happen that interrupt us and on 99.9% of those days, it’s not your wedding day. Usually, you have the space for it. On your wedding day, you have to choose to make the space for it.

Bride in a white wedding dress carries an umbrella with five bridesmaids out of focus behind her, wearing black dresses and carrying umbrellas

Getting into your own space.

I really recommend beginning the day with a meditative practice that means something to you. Bringing yourself into your body, into your space, into the temporary truth of our fleeting moments and feelings, is a really good way to remember that none of these little mishaps are going to get in your way. They’re going to be part of your story.

Adding these unfortunate mishaps into your timeline and adventure narrative is going to give you a really great story later but it won’t interrupt your joy now. It won’t wreck your wedding.

Bride and Groom linking arms and holding a large bouquet of flowers walking together and looking at each other.

How do I know this?

How can I confidently say that I’m 99.99% sure about the good things that will come from your wedding day? I’ve been to a lot of them. And they all end. The next morning, everyone wakes up. It’s over. They’re married. There’s things they might have done differently and things they’ll never regret, but the time comes and goes, and now, all you have is the memories. Sure, there’s the photos and videos we take – and those are important – but there’s the sensory memories, the feelings and emotions and those little conversations that stick with you for the rest of your life. Those are the things you can enjoy, and will enjoy, as you recount the story in years to come.

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