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This family you see here? They’re the reason John and I met. Bless. They are the first husband and wife team I’d ever come across that actually chose to work together day in and day out, and I loved their whole… thing. Together they direct a children’s camp in Southern Ontario which serves all types […]

Allow me to introduce Hamilton’s newest up-and-coming Mompreneur: Melissa! Melissa is a fellow homeschooling mama and is dipping her toes into the world of photography. When she asked me if I’d take shots of her family, I was honoured! New photographers have an eye for work that is fun and fresh and to be on […]

Ashley and Drew have been working with us since they were engaged, and it has been a real, true honour to continue photographing them through their lives. When these two learned that they would be expecting a little babe in July of 2018, we were over the moon with them and thrilled to be capturing […]


I love this little family, and so when they asked me to take some photos of them (or did I ask them first?) I was obviously so excited to be on board. This little session took place during our little visit back to Canada for Christmas while we were travelling, and it made the perfect […]

I had the chance to work with a larger family group this past weekend on a massive multi-hour photoshoot, but one of the highlights of the shoot for me was spending some time capturing the freshest of the big family – little Everlee. She’s got red hair and a toothless smile, and she’s gorgeous.

If you’ve been following our work for some time, you might remember Renata & Brandon’s 2014 wedding at the Old Mill, Toronto – there’s a shot of Renata snuggling her dogs from this wedding that has gotten so much ‘internet traction’ it’s unreal (thanks, Pinterest!). The wedding was fun & light, and arguably on the hottest […]

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