What to Wear for a Winter Wedding? Three style ideas from this Toronto bride!

December 2, 2019

When Shana first described to me her dreams for a winter wedding, I was so excited to see how all of the sparkle and glamour she dreamed of would come together. As a Toronto wedding photographer, winter weddings mean it’s often too cold to go outside to play – and it can take a lot of creativity to get a look that is bright, fun, and airy. Shana knew exactly what it would take to get there. Not sure what to wear for a winter wedding? Check out the three style ideas from this Toronto bride!

A dress with a little sparkle.

Off white wedding dress with adorned lace for winter wedding in Toronto

Shana chose a delicate lace dress with the perfect amount of sparkle; small beads adorned the bust and helped create a really gorgeous silhouette. The bottom of her dress was a matte white and held a lot of volume, so the tight corset balanced the look out stunningly.

I photographed this dress in front of a grey background on a mannequin, which is a really great way to keep the shape of a delicate dress when photographing the little details. Some dresses will hang perfectly in a nice large bay window and others… they’re built to wear.

The boning and the lacing of this dress gave it a ton of structure, which contrasted against the train that flowed behind her for the rest of the day.

Heels with… even more sparkle.

Jimmy Choo off white glitter shoes with flowers and diamond earrings on a marble background

Photographing Jimmy Choo Glitter heels is one of my all-time favourite wedding day projects. Don’t ask me why – I’ve never owned a pair and I don’t choose to walk in heels myself when given the option. But you can’t deny that a well-made pair of untouched delicate heels is something to behold, and I’m lucky enough to photograph them.

The off-white creamy tones of the shoes complimented Shana’s dress stunningly, and added to the indoor winter wonderland vibe we were all excited to see come to life. I’d recommend avoiding starchy-white shoes on your wedding day – keep them looking as clean as possible throughout your day, from getting ready to reception, by picking shoes that are earth tones.

I also love to recommend that brides bring a pair of shoes that are a little more comfortable for walking stairs, running those last-minute errands, and taking long walks while we take couples photos.

A dramatic veil, for the final touch

Bride under white veil on wedding day with extended eyelashes and wintery outfit

Shana’s veil was a stunning finishing touch to the ensemble, perfect for adding an ethereal wintery glow around her blonde locks. When I can, I love to have Brides play with their veil a little bit, especially in the winter months when we don’t have to face the wind outside. Shooting from under the veil is a gorgeous way to create an intimate feeling and reflected Shana’s skin tones beautifully.

I’m always torn on if a veil is a good idea. I’ll be honest; in the summer, those things blow away with the wind, and I’ve never seen a bride be grateful for it. But a winter wedding is a really good invitation to have a veil simply for the aesthetics of it: if you’re indoors for the day, you have complete control over how your veil treats you. In that case, I’m on board. It worked beautifully for Shana.

A Mint Room Wonderland

Bride and her son at Mint Room Studios in Toronto resting before the wedding day begins

Shana chose to have her professional photos taken at Mint Room Studios. Located in downtown Toronto, this studio rental is open to couples for finding a warm place to spend their wedding day and offers a stunning bright and airy backdrop for escaping the cold outside.

This shot is from a moment of quiet between her and her son; she, getting her dress ready and perfect and he, taking a rest from an already busy morning. Bringing your kids with you on your wedding day is a feat all of its own, and Shana pulled it off stunningly – but that’s a post for another day.

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