Alex Proposes to Caroline | Toronto Proposal Photography

December 23, 2018

I received a message totally out of the blue from a guy named Alex. He said he was flying in from Texas to propose to his girlfriend and really would love for one of us to capture it on camera. I laughed to myself. Flying in from Texas to propose? What could go wrong?

Alex and I made arrangements for how and where this would go down, and my heart was in my throat for a few days (separate note, we had the stomach flu) as the proposal came closer and closer. And then, it was here: December 23. Two days before Christmas. A surprise proposal.

We packed up the kids (because, two days before Christmas, you bring the kids to fun places) and they went one way to the playground with John as I went another, to the Alan Gardens Conservatory. And then they arrived: a lovely, sweet couple, walking and chatting and holding hands and I hoped to the dear baby Jesus whose birthday was coming up real soon that this was the right duo. I snuck inside the Conservatory and they followed, and I pretended to take pictures of plants (well… I really did take pictures of plants) until the moment arose. And arose it did.

Of course Caroline agreed to marry Alex. He seems like a good man. They indulged me and we dove into a sweet little engagement session as the two of them laughed and she decoded all of the recent signs that pointed to today (oh that’s why you set the alarm clock!) and they laughed and cried and let me photograph it all.

Best of luck to you, Alex and Caroline, and all of your wedding plans to come. xo




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