Why Should I Hire New Vintage Media?

June 12, 2017

About a month ago, we were in the middle of a couples’ session with one of our beautiful Brides and Grooms, and they told us that they were really happy they’d chosen to work with John and I for their wedding photography. They told us about how confident they felt in their decision, and that we were a great fit for them. We get beautiful, lovely, warm emails after we send couples their galleries, and we always appreciate those – but to be told in person that they trusted us and were so glad they did before they’d even seen any photos – that felt special.

But… they also told us that it took them a long time to make the choice to work with us, and here’s why: we hadn’t made it clear on why they should hire New Vintage Media – we wanted to leave it up to them, but they would have appreciated a sales pitch.

Part of our approach is to be a little bit laid back, but seriously, we are naturally bad sales people. We aren’t so good at selling ourselves, and we believe our work sells itself for us. But this couple was overwhelmed by their options. This couple was looking for a rational explanation, needed a straight pitch.

So after a little deliberation, here it is: our hard sales pitch.

Here’s why you should hire New Vintage Media as your wedding photo & cinema team.

Reason Number 1:
We aren’t new to this. We aren’t stressed on your wedding day; we’re focused on it.

We have been a husband/wife photo/cinema team since 2012 – that’s 5 years of working together. Prior to this, John was shooting weddings for 3 years solo (since 2009). We have taken part in capturing nearly 150 weddings combined. John is going on his 100th wedding this summer, and I’m going on my 50th (I was off having/nursing/carrying babies, so I’m a little behind, ha!).

We know the flow of a wedding like the back of our hand: there are about 6 types of wedding formats, and we are familiar with how they work.

Our years of experience lend to a calm, cool, relaxed and connected approach because we aren’t stressed about your wedding day; we are focused on your wedding day.

Reason Number 2:
We work smoothly together
. Like butter.

As a photo and cinema team, John and I have an excellent working relationship that is smooth and seamless. We have the same end goal, we own this company together, and we care about your wedding day. We shoot together and we edit together, and we know what the other is looking for in a shot. I know that I can’t get in John’s way when he is filming and I am photographing, and hey, we are comfortable enough letting the other know that we need another shot / need to do something again / need the other to move a little to the left.

Reason Number 3:
We share creative vision.

We talk about your wedding before we attend it. That’s right; over breakfast, while we’re passing out bowls of cereal to the kids, we are planning your shots. We walk the streets of our city and get inspired together. We have favourite photographers that we ogle over and review and work together to emulate. We let each other in on what fascinates and inspires us, and we put that into your wedding day.

Reason Number 4:
We believe in marriage. 

You’ve heard it a million times from us because it’s basically our catch phrase, but we mean it. We actually believe in what we are coming to capture, which is why we put our 150% effort into the day. We hustle hard to make sure that nothing is missed. We love to come and have fun at your amazing party, but we are there to capture the party – this is not a joke to us.

Reason Number 5:
We edit our own files because we felt what your guests felt.

This might not mean anything to you but in the self-employed industry, “outsourcing” is celebrated as a way of “gaining back your life”. But we aren’t buying it. We love our life, and we love how we spend our time – we schedule in our work hours so that your turnaround is efficient, but we also schedule in “off” time so our life isn’t run by our to-do list. This means that we can add a personal touch when we’re editing because we are focused. We were at your wedding day, so we know which family members need to make it into the edited files more than others; we watched your sparkler exit happen, we cried when your sister joined you and your mom for the mother/son dance… We watched it happen and our emotions are there with you so we edit with emotion, too, and the result is obvious.

Reason Number 6: 
We offer six week guaranteed turnover at no extra charge. (That’s really fast.)
Our turnover is a guaranteed six weeks (and average of three weeks to receive digital files), so all of those horror stories you’ve heard about having your wedding, then buying a house, then adopting a dog, then making a baby… you can let those fly to the wind, sister. Or brother, whoever is reading this.

Reason Number 7:
We are efficient.
We believe that your wedding day should be spent enjoying time with family and friends. So, we never schedule in more than 2 hours for family, bridal party, and couple’s photos (location & travel dependent), which allows for a good selection of shots like you see on our website, in a short amount of time. We believe in motion, movement, keeping things going so you don’t feel like you’re going stale standing in front of the camera.

Reason Number 8:
We capture real emotions.
We don’t ask you to “fake laugh”; we ask you about your bachelor party, and that pretty much does the trick. We offer prompts and cues that get the two of you talking, laughing, smiling, reminiscing, looking toward the future, while we are taking your photos and video. No, you’re crying! #sorrynotsorry

Reason Number 9:
We have fun with you.
By have fun with you, I mean we really like our clients and think they’re awesome and have been known to laugh together and even have dinner together months after the wedding. We work with people we’d want to be friends with, because we believe in community. We’re not just there to direct you (although we will direct you!), we’re there to capture you, being you: which doesn’t happen if you feel like you’re on set for a Vogue photoshoot. It happens when you feel like you can trust your photo/cinema team.

Reason Number 10:
Our work is professional, high quality, and reflects our skill set.
John is professionally trained in photography (Humber College grad) and he trained me, as well as a pile of workshops and online courses to hone in specific skills that are necessary for a wedding day. We take care to make sure that your wedding photo and video looks good, feels good, prints well, lasts long, and is relevant but timeless. That’s our job. We do it well.

Okay y’all, there’s my hard pitch. I did it. We’d love to work with you, and we hope you feel the same.


John & Sam (but Sam really because John doesn’t blog)

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