Renting an Airbnb For Your Wedding Day

May 15, 2017

It’s not a secret that Airbnb is just about the most amazing way to find a place to stay when you’re out of town: the accommodations can be gorgeous, fit within any budget, and often have a kitchen so you can save on costs of eating out during travel. But the use of Airbnb’s to make a wedding day complete is an idea that’s getting me really excited, as we have one of our Winter brides working with us to find a location that will work amazingly for the Bride’s preparation and Couple’s first look photos.

While I won’t share with you the location that the couple has landed on (but uh, it’s gorgeous), I wanted to offer a little peek into why choosing an Airbnb instead of a hotel for preparation photos might be a good fit. Not from me – but from the Bride herself.

The photos below are from a few of our top favourite Airbnb locations that are affordable & in great locations – click the photos to be taken to the Airbnb listing to find if it’s free on the date you need. As a note, anytime you book an Airbnb, read the reviews first – this isn’t a hotel where you can just relocate to another room, so make sure other users loved the location too.

Photos belong to the Airbnb owners, and thanks to Agata for sharing below!

The Price is Right…

“The first thing that motivated me to look into Airbnb’s was the price, however, once I realized they were a viable option, the look and feel of an Airbnb won me over. Looking at hotels in downtown Toronto, especially for a New Year’s Eve wedding, the costs were outrageous and not what we had budgeted to spend.”

…But the Look is Even Better (The Right Style for You)
“When we were looking for our photographer (yay! we chose New Vintage!) we started thinking about how our wedding day would actually play out, when we would first see each other and how we wanted things to look. From the start, it’s been very important to us that our wedding reflects us in every way. We were looking at hotels and asking for pricing on taking pictures in their spaces and they were all outrageous. The spaces were always either too modern or too artsy and didn’t reflect our simple style and thriftiness.  Derek and I are avid Airbnb’ers so we thought we would check it out as an option for a place to stay. When we started looking we thought that many of the spaces would lend well for our initial pictures. We found some spaces that reflected our simple spirit and offered a more honest and authentic back drop to our wedding.”

Selecting a Personal & Intimate Experience
“I’ve personally struggled with many components of organizing a wedding. I find a wedding to be a very personal and intimate experience, and a hotel didn’t offer that personal comfort that I was hoping for. I hated how most hotels seemed cookie cutter and although some are beautiful, they were not private enough for our moment. We’re excited to celebrate with our friends and family, but when we envision our first look, we envision that moment to be completely about us, and the commitment we’re making to one another. We want our pictures and the spaces were in to reflect that.”


If you’re considering using an Airbnb for your bridal preparation photos, first look, or even as a location for bridal party or family photos (great for mid-winter weddings), let us know! We’ll help you pick a spot that will photograph well and suit your practical needs for the day.

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