3 Tips for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day

April 27, 2017

The beginning of your wedding day can set the tone for how you feel as you leave the hotel and head toward the ceremony. Start your day off right with these three tips (plus two more for those who are on our email list!) and keep your wedding day running smooth and stress-free.

  1. Work with your hair and makeup stylist to create a realistic timeline.

    Every summer, we attend weddings that are running behind hair and makeup quite drastically, and the issues could be curbed by allocating the appropriate amount of time for hair and makeup. Add 15 – 20 minutes to your hair and makeup schedule than you plan with your hair and makeup artist. The best case scenario is that you finish on time; the worst case scenario is that you have a spare 15 minutes to mingle with your best friends or go over your vows.

    Mei and Daniel’s spring wedding was planned perfectly, and Mei worked with her hairstylist to create a realistic timeline that worked!

  2. Get your bridesmaids on the same page.Share your wedding timeline with them all in advance, and let them know when they need to be with you for photos. Let them know if you want them to be in pre-dress photos or if they can do their own thing until your bridal portraits are complete. Consider getting all bridesmaids to wear the same kimono from a shop like Pastel Dress Party or add a little lace with bridal robes from By Catalfo; kimonos or robes give your photos a lot of uniformity in an otherwise hectic (and sometimes a little messy) bridal prep environment.

Marina’s bridesmaids all wore these gorgeous kimonos and the result was lovely!

  1. Pull the bridesmaids’ dresses together in advance.Like your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses need to be prepped the morning of the wedding; make sure they are wrinkle-free, steamed, and the perfect fit before your photographer arrives. In bridal parties using a uniform bridesmaid dress style, we love personalized calligraphy tags for each bridesmaids’ gown; it’s a little touch to show your bridesmaids how special they are to you, and helps avoid any last-minute dress switch-ups (this happens. This actually happens.)

Hello, sparkly gowns.


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