Max & Lischa’s Intimate Backyard Wedding in Alexandria, Ontario

August 25, 2016

I first heard about Max and Lischa’s love story through a mutual friend who believed our photography style – and our belief in what we do – might be a good fit with this beautiful couple. Simplistic, minimalist and yet deeply meaningful, their wedding would pay tribute to the investment that both Max and Lischa had made in seeing their relationship come all the way to their wedding day.

Max and Lischa endured a long-distance relationship that spanned between Canada and Germany. For years, the two of them invested their heart and focus in making sure that their love stayed steadfast. The commitment that they had both made in enduring such great distances and challenges to get all the way through to the wedding day was honoured greatly by both sets of their parents, who were very involved in the wedding itself. Not only did Lischa’s dad walk her down the aisle, he, together with the Bride’s mother and his lovely wife, officiated the wedding. The ceremony shared storied details of the couple’s journey to marriage and was focused around faith, family and love – and it was perfect.

It’s clear that Max and Lischa have begun their marriage with the community of support that helps families thrive. John and I are thrilled when we come across the opportunity to really connect with couples in such meaningful ways and we wish these lovely newlyweds all the best as they build their lives together.

Enjoy some of the most romantic moments of this season, below!

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